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Best Antivirus For iPhone

Apple’s iOS platform, although generally regarded as more secure than other devices, is susceptible to malware. It could be through fake text messages or fake websites, or shady links on social networks Scammers and hackers are always trying to snare your passwords, ID details and even your payment. It’s essential to safeguard your iPhone or iPad with an antivirus.

Antivirus apps for iPhone don’t just focus on viruses. They also offer security features for phishing, spam and device theft. Some of them include the VPN scanner as well as a Wi-Fi scanner. Norton’s app provides advanced identification theft scanning and protection against cyber-attacks. It is not free however it is available at the cost of.

Comodo is another option with a full set of cybersecurity tools for an affordable annual fee. It includes anti-virus, ad blocker, web tracking and more. It’s the only antivirus application for the iPhone that provides an unconditional guarantee against viruses.


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